Stockton Night Photography Workshop


 A coastal desert wilderness

Thanks to the generosity of the Worimi people we are invited to experience and enjoy this special place which includes historic sites such as the middens, Tin City and the Sygna lie within the national park (with respect and without disturbing any Aboriginal sites). Located only 10 minutes from the centre of Nelson Bay and just over 30 minutes from Newcastle, the Worimi Conservation Lands form the largest sand dune system in Australia, covering an area of 4,200 hectares. While the park landscape is well known for the 32 km long beach and mobile sand dunes which climb up to 40 m high, it also includes over 1,800 hectares of lush forest. Beyond the beachfront, the area is dotted with fleeting wetlands.                                                                             


​​​​​​What to bring and what not to bring:
  • Leave valuables at home or have them on your person - Ensure your car does not have anything of value in it as a precaution. 
  • Sturdy Tripod - The sand will move under the feet of the tripod so a good tripod is extremely handy. Placing CDs under the feet is a small hack to maintain the tripods stability without it sinking. 
  • Camera - Dslr camera 
  • Fast lens - A fast lens is recommended. A lens with a maximum aperture of f/2.8 would be ideal. 
  • Torch - Not just safety but to use during light painting and other techniques used for night photography
  • Water - Hiking around the dunes isn't easy, even when it is cooler. Ensure you have enough water to keep you hydrated. 
  • Batteries - Make sure they are all charged.
  • Warm clothing - It will be fairly cold so make sure you have a warm clothing.












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