Best camera for astrophotography under $1000 Canon Argument

Canon EOS 200D counter arguement By Stephen from Astro Coy Photography Thank you for the read Scenic Dreams Photography, although I do agree with you that the D5600 may have higher Dynamic Range values than some Canon cameras but let me enlighten you to why the Nikon D5600 doesn’t “blow” Canon cameras out of the water and why the Canon 200D is a...
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Best camera for Astrophotography under $1000

WINNER IS.... NIKON D5600 My fellow astrophotographer, Astro Coy Photography will get his chance at a rebuttal but for now... here is my argument... This may sound bias because I am a Nikon user but don't get me wrong... I was an avid Canon user until my brother sent me to snapsort to compare Canon cameras vs Nikon relative to price and their h...
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Why you should revisit old images

Revisiting old images is an important part of your growth as a photographer. It gives you time to reflect on your preferences and style from past to present. I have found it revitalising to plug in my old hard drives and re-edit old images from the past. Not only have I noticed potential where I previously didn't, I have made vast improvements on p...
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How to add my FREE presets into Adobe Lightroom

How to load Presets into Adobe Lightroom Step 1 - Open up Adobe lightroom and go to the Develop tab (this is where you make adjustments to your image) Step 2 - On the panel to the left, Where it says 'Presets', Click on the little plus sign. Step 3 - Click on Import Presets and a window will open. Step 4 - Locate preset files and select all...
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Southern sky celestial events - April 2018

Celestial Events April 2018 April 16th - New Moon A new moon occurs when it is in conjunction witht he sun and cannot be seen. The darkest skies are easily accessible during this period which makes it the best time for astrophotography. April 22nd - 23rd - Lyrids Meteor Shower The Lyrids meteor shower is visible in late mid to late April but ge...
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You CAN do astrophotography in light polluted areas - Here's where.

A lot of people believe astrophotography is only possible in rural or remote areas. Wrong! Amongst the light polluted skies around cities and heavy populated towns are pockets of darker skies, you just have to know where to look. There are multiple light pollution maps, I use It will help you uncover darker skies around your l...
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5 spots to try astrophotography on the Central Coast, NSW

5 spots on the Central Coast/ Lake Macquarie region to try out your astrophotography! Whilst many do not have time to look up at the night sky, you can be awfully surprised if you do. Regardless of the heavy light pollution from Sydney to Newcastle, there are some areas you can visit to avoid the bulk of it - and isn't it spectacular! I run works...
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