Hi and welcome to Scenic Dreams Photography. My name is Nathan and I have a strong passion for Photography in all it's wildest forms. Photography is an art - a way of visually expressing ourselves and all photographers do this in different ways. It's telling a story, raising issues and awareness or even showing the subtlety of life's creations.

For me, it all about capturing moments that take your breathe away - instances in time that will forever be held still through a photograph. It's about exploring whats over the next hill or mountain and chasing that unforgettable sunrise or sunset. It's these little moments that make life big. I have a burning desire to bring images that mean something to someone. My goal is to inspire and create happiness through photography.

I hope you enjoy my images. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me. Just head to our  Contact page and fill in the form or email us directly info@scenicdreamsphotography.com.au